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SUICIDE SEASON. Life, but in reverse LP (Black) PRE-ORDER

SUICIDE SEASON. Life, but in reverse LP (Black) PRE-ORDER

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RELEASE DATE: April 5th 2024

LP, gatefold vinyl

‘Life, But In Reverse...’ is the very first release, and debut full-length album, by England-based doom metal band Suicide Season, a duo comprised of two Portuguese musicians, Nuno Lima and Bruno Silva, with a significant history in their original local scene, having played in bands such as Heavenwood or Dementia 13 among others. Gathering influences from some of the heaviest and most mournfully elegant bands in the entire doom genre, such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Saturnus, Anathema, Edge Of Sanity, Shape Of Despair, and many others, Suicide Season provide six tracks of beautifully melancholic, agonizingly tortured and colossally heavy doom/death metal that will burrow its way into the heart of both old-schoolers and newly forged doomsters alike.

"As with other single-minded purveyors of colorless agony before them, Suicide Season’s approach does get to you in the end, and the tortuous intensity of the feelings manifested with this music becomes absolutely undeniable." - Decibel Magazine


01. Harrowing torment - 06:43
02. The return to the earth - 07:52
03. Haunted Memories - 06:30
04. Acolytes of doom - 05:39
05. The path to immortality - 06:00
06. Ephialtes - 06:33

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