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After our announcement earlier this month that Transilience had signed for Alone Records, we are now very happy to share with you the big news that everyone was waiting for: the cult American trio are going to release a brand new EP, their first physical release since their classic 'Mouthful of Buildings' full-length, all the way back in 1989!'Nervesaw' will feature four tracks and will be out on September 29th on black and clear vinyl, and digital download formats. To give you a proper taster of what's to come in this meantime, the band is also making available today their...

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Alone Records is proud to announce the signing of Transilience! The cult American trio have a new release all ready to signal their return to the scene after decades of absence, of which more details will arise soon.The origins of Transilience hark back to 1989, when a trio of teenage Watchtower fans managed to balance their way through high school with the recording of a remarkably unique album that’s long become a cult classic within the proggier, more out-there sections of thrash. ‘Mouthful Of Buildings’ nearly out-Voivoded the kinds of weird thrash themselves, predating so many other bands since hailed...

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