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VALLENFYRE. A Fragile King LP Gtfold Picture Disc

VALLENFYRE. A Fragile King LP Gtfold Picture Disc

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Started by Paradise Lost´s mastermind Gregor Mackintosh in 2010, Vallenfyre was formed to bring back and mix the old British death-doom metal together with a Swedish DM touch. The band released their debut A Fragile King just one year later, showing the best of Paradise Lost, Dismember or Autopsy to name just a few names in the same album.

Vallenfyre put an end to their career with a live show in late 2018, leaving a legacy of three studio recordings that became reference in death metal.

Reissue in gatefold picture LP limited to 500 copies.


1. All Will Suffer

2. Desceration

3. Ravenous Whore

4. Cathedrals Of Dread

5. As The World Collapses

6. A Thousand Martyrs

7. Seeds

8. Humanity Wept

9. My Black Siberia

10. The Divine Have Fled

11.The Grim Irony

12. Majesty Dethroned

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