RIP KC. Spinguölf CD

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Burying any labels and classifications and allowing the subconscious to flow, RIP KC have always had a clear objective during rehearsals as well as during recording: preserve on tape the musical crossroads where, halfway through this decade, they are currently standing.
The strategy is this: place microphones to hear, among bells ringing and the barking of known and unknown dogs, the outcome of the sessions of a group liberating its own sound. 'Spinguolf' does not go beyond its previous work 'Obvious and Bleeding'. It is simply a continuation, reflecting what we already knew: RIP KC reinvents itself with every recording. Refusing to remake their previous album, praised by critics and fans alike, on 'Spinguolf' the band reforms a new incarnation of their punk spirit, an attitude towards music that does not require saturated guitars to reflect that musical and emotional freedom which led to the invention of rock and roll so long ago.

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