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ORTHODOX. Sentencia. CD Dig

ORTHODOX. Sentencia. CD Dig

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Deluxe CD digipack on gatefold jacket on recycled paper, woth 8 pages booklet full color. 3 songs, 33 minutes, 3rd album.

From Julian Cope's HEAD HERITAGE, a few words enough to describe the new album from ORTHODOX, and what else better than Mr. Cope for this: what a plucky bunch of cunts Orthodox have turned out to be! Yup, these Seville doomsters proclaimed their proposed Mythological Road Map on their very first Press Release years ago (no shit, still gorrit!), and boy did they ever stick to the programme.

I gots to say their second album was such a progression from the first that I could only address its raffish stirrings on a purely intellectual level, din't play it none. Still, SENTENCIA strides even further into the Satanic Side-show, revealing an Orthodox entirely stripped of low register guitars, replaced only with some rather tasty post-Catholic sub-jazz piano and a Mithraic Bull-worshipping Sierra Nevada trumpet WTF! AND for 26 minutes! Who'd a-thunk Mediteranean Doom coulda taken such an obscure turning.

Up its own strasse & all the better for it, I reckon so, me druids, cain't worship B flat forever, no no. Like Khanate, Orthodox are a Lokian entity that operates on about umpteen different scales: Lionel, Hornby, OO gauge, call it what you will. Anyway, enough of my yacking.

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