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Nowadays Extreme Music tends to the repetition and copy of previous works from the bands that are referential inside the Metal scene. Bands with more than 20 years of career are commonly on the cover of the specialized Magazines. On this situation it is great to sometimes find that there are still bands that show personality, honesty and authenticity these days. This is the case of ORTHODOX, a band with a career of over 5 years and 3 albums released that now presents their latest called 'Ba'al'.

Orthodox have became a worldwide reference in the scene although, as the prestigious British magazine The Wire wrote: 'ORTHODOX were a metal band once, but they have become much bigger. At this point, everything they have in common with doom music or any other style of metal music is the sense of spirituality and their search of catharsis through rites'. The Wire did not go wrong on their assessment. 

The new ORTHODOX album it moves again towards a search of spirituality and the sense of innovation that is part of their music. The album is composed by 5 tracks in which the band shows the improvements of the experience gained in their previous recordings. In order to reinterpret their own language one more time, the band adds more details and persevering in the intensity that makes them genuine and inimitable. This time the band has concentrated all its strength and sound imagery into pieces that last in three of the five songs no more than six minutes. This means a new twist on to their particular way of presenting their work. Submitting their indomitable sound to this format has provided a metal accent to each track that, in a certain way, separates this album from their recent works on which they focused their efforts in the musical research.

The first song is an introduction that brings us back to the essence of the band, so that we can quickly identify their personal sound, while in the second track we go back to the days of Gran Poder -their first album-, and thereafter the band explores its roots to leave behind the search for alterations in their musical language and the emerging psychedelic and progressive atmospheres that appeared in their previous work Sentencia.

In 'Ba'al', the band joins the best of their two facets, the most intense and metal and the one that flirts with free-jazz along tracks that last more than 20 minutes and that gave the band textures and a musical density that seems incredible for a trio. Without any doubt this work sums up all the attributes picked by the band during their career, places them in a new starting point and give them a spectacular projection because their sound and musical ideas have yet to travel far beyond.

ORTHODOX stills a long way on the path of musical experimentation and research.

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