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MONOLITH CULT. Gospel Of Despair LP (Black)

MONOLITH CULT. Gospel Of Despair LP (Black)

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Bradford UK doom outfit with a massive sound inbetween Candlemass, Rainbow, Mastodon, Black Sabbath and a hint of Iron Maiden. Featuring members and ex-members of Lazarus Blackstar, Solstice, Khang, My Dying Bride and Serenity.


A1 Disconnection syndrome 6:02
A2 The gospel of depair 6:17
A3 Kings of all that's lost 7:17

B1 Chothia in memorium 0:45
B2 Sympathy for the living 5:33
B3 Complicit in your own abuse 7:54
B4 Death means nothing 8:16
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