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Seemingly out of nowhere, GRUESOME GALORE achieves the impossible - re-inventing the rock and roll spirit with a multi-genre style of composition encompassing a century of American music. These songs, held together by the cohesion of raw human ether, make for performances unique with an air of salvation.

GRUESOME GALORE experiments with the music inspired by artists like Jeff Buckley and go ahead with it, mixing with amazing melodies, classic American rock, a bit of psychedelia, and tons of feeling. A great discovery. Alone Records have just re-released GRUESOME GALORE's Gracious living, official first album.

The new issue features 3 additional live tracks recorded during the last Spanish tour of the band, new artwork and layout, new cover, of course and re-recording sessions including back-up singers, putting all together as it should have been done during the first recording sessions of that album. Remember, GRUESOME GALORE bring you closer to Bowie, T-Rex and Jeff buckley, intense and emotive classic 70's rock, pure and unique thanks to Adam Mackintosh and his amazing tracks.

The album will be available in USA as import, through BDC distribution. Singer/songwriter Adam Mackintosh describes his music as riding the line between art rock and gospel...sometimes frightful, often soulful, always spirit-based. Joined by the well-tempered hands of Addison Elliot on bass, the power of Joe Sanders on drums, and the unfathomable genius of David Graham on organ and guitar, this ensemble possesses the power to deliver the message on their debut album Gracious Living to any house, on any stage, every time.

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