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DAMO SUZUKI & CUZO. Puedo ver tu Mente CD

DAMO SUZUKI & CUZO. Puedo ver tu Mente CD

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DAMO SUZUKI, the legendary vocalist of the German band CAN, (with whom he recorded four of his most important records, Tago Mago, Future Days, Soundtracks and Bamyasi Ege), and the Spanish band CUZO are releasing in Alone Records, a live album recorded in one of their dates together last year.

The title of the album, 'Puedo ver Tu Mente' (I Can See Your Mind), reflects the experience of see live these two acts. Ahead of what usually it can be found on a standard live album, here there are songs that have less recognizable structure. 'Puedo ver Tu Mente' is the recording of a gig that took place in November the 4th 2009 in the small town of Huesca, Spain, where DAMO SUZUKI and CUZO met for the first time on stage. From here, the band and DAMO started a Spanish tour of 7 dates.

On the album we have a single piece divided in three movements from where many songs could emerge but that dilutes any trace of structure and links the musical passages with undeniable perfection to other states of mind, sometimes more relaxed and other times more electric. The pause between tracks is no more than the required oxygen intake before making another dive on the listening experience. It seems quite obvious that is very difficult to fit compositional brilliance, technical virtuosity and creative talent in songs that last no more than 4 o 5 minutes, but what if those three components were released from the limitations of time and format?.

This concept which is so close to the 'free-jazz' definition, is the glue where the music of DAMO SUZUKI and CUZO mix together and sculpt a sound speech that is constantly mutating and fed back with bites of progressive-rock, stoner, psych, kraut, improvisation and many similar styles.

Throughout the length of the album the peaks of intensity and changes of humor are happening continuously in response to the exposure of the mutual influence, the sum of both entities. This is precisely the purpose of the Damo Suzuki's Network through its 'Never-ending Tour', where he plays with other musicians from the different countries. This keeps his discourse alive and dynamic, being reinterpreted every night, without egos among the artists who are really at the service of the music they are playing at that time. This is what CAN and DAMO SUZUKI called 'Instant Composition’, each concert is unique and therefore is a unique opportunity to create a new sound work.

That is what DAMO SUZUKI and CUZO made in their first gig together. Listen the album is to feel sorry for not having being present the day the album was recorded and an aware state for staying tune in order to know when and where will tour to introduce the album to the audience.

 Until then, 'Puedo ver Tu Mente' is also a notch in the gun of DAMO SUZUKI, and a great opportunity to enjoy the best weapon of CUZO, their live performance.

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