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CUZO. Otros Mundos CD

CUZO. Otros Mundos CD

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CUZO explores contemporary psychedelia from a viewpoint of psych rock and heavy rock today (for us this is Voivod is Mammatus and Zombie, and it is Pelican Baroness). Psychedelic side of the third stage is composed by seven new songs under the title Other Worlds, also completely instrumental, linked sequentially forming an ordered whole. Music non-designed, most well developed for restless ears.

 With a cinematic touch developmental (perfect for any horror movie with an air 70's) live between the prog and psych and serve as the perfect soundtrack to a long postnuclear journey. It is not coincidence that the band was supported by the same SITGES International Film Festival to create the music of one of his first video clip, Escalera Roja/ Scala Rosa.

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