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Post Black Metal with ice-cold Keifgesang in German - can that work? It can: if it is done like this. The guitar work reminds of Ahab every now and then and the sound is pleasantly transparent, not bulky at all, but oppressive and strong. When it comes to darkness, nobody can fool the Berliners so quickly, this is not a children's birthday party or a hipster party, so anyone who already has a soft spot for the ultra-dark label colleagues ABEST is well advised here. I can already hear the Trve Metal faction complaining because the band has more to do with visionaries like Terra Tenebrosa, The Way of a Freedom, Secrets of the Moon or Altar of Plagues than with Bathory, but strictly speaking the band is closer than that many others: it's about decay, "shadows", about "villainy", the vocals are the definition of lightlessness and negativity, and I find enough swarms of bumblebee guitar and good ideas on the guitars as well as rhythmic, slow doom passages with clear sounds, In addition, there is also a furious pace that I find gene definitions rather superfluous: this is made exciting and is ideal for pensive brooding moments alone in the dark.

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