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TRANSILIENCE. Nervesaw - EP (Black)

TRANSILIENCE. Nervesaw - EP (Black)

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RELEASE DATE: December 1st 2023


'Nervesaw' is the first EP by American band Transilience, and the comeback release after many years of absencefrom the scene. Transilience were originally formed in 1988, in Reston, Virginia, and their debut album 'Mouthful OfBuildings' was released in 1989. Their very particular brand of thrash metal was hailed at the time as innovative andoriginal, and that record remains a fresh listen to this day. Transilience disbanded soon after, and frontman Spookyembarked on a solo career under the name Spookey Ruben. As of 2019, Transilience returned to activity withbassist Jerry Barrett and drummer Omar Ruiz joining Spooky in the lineup. In 2023, the band signed for AloneRecords and announced 'Nervesaw', their comeback EP, featuring the unmistakable Transilience style but updatedand reinvigorated for a new age. It's almost like they never left.



01. Cut The Mountain 3:45
02. Pandemic Scale 3:23
03. Octomom 1:43
04. Seven Samurai 3:33

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