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LACUNA COIL. Doomsday Tapes - The Box Collection (11-Tape Box Set)

LACUNA COIL. Doomsday Tapes - The Box Collection (11-Tape Box Set)

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Release date February 9th 2024.

With origins dating to the late 90s - they began operating under their current band name in 1997 after a brief period known as Sleep Of Right and Ethereal - Lacuna Coil are the most successful and celebrated band to come out of the Italian metal scene.

A worldwide phenomenon, the only Italian band aside from legendary prog group PFM to enter the Top 200 of the American Billboard Chart, they started making waves right from the beginning of their career.

Having the dual vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro established as one of the main focal points of their sound, their early demo recordings and their blend of bittersweet melody and powerful gothic metal soon caught the attention of the main European record labels. Initiating a relationship that still continues today, Lacuna Coil signed for Century Media even before the release of their self-titled debut EP, and for the last 25 years the growth and evolution of the band has been solid and continuous, turning them into absolute superstars of the rock and metal world.

This gorgeous tape box comprises their entire discographic career, with all nine full-length albums - from 1999's “In A Reverie” debut to 2019's darkly elegant “Black Anima” - and those two crucial early EPs, “Lacuna Coil” and “Halflife”. Eleven chapters, spanning over two decades of one of the most important bands of the 21st century.


Tape 1: “Lacuna Coil” EP (1998)
Tape 2: “In A Reverie” (1999)
Tape 3: “Halflife” EP (2000)
Tape 4: “Unleashed Memories” (2001)
Tape 5: “Comalies” (2002)
Tape 6: “Karmacode” (2006)
Tape 7: “Shallow Life” (2009)
Tape 8: “Dark Adrenaline” (2012)
Tape 9: “Broken Crown Halo” (2014)
Tape 10: “Delirium” (2016)
Tape 11: “Black Anima” (2019

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