RAPTURE. Silent Stage. 2LP Gatefold (Black)

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Final act of the Rapture discography with a memorable collection of gothic doom death tracks and showing a band experiencing the best burst of creativity before putting a (maybe temporary?) end to their activities.

‚ÄúSilent Stage‚ÄĚ was recorded and mixed at Sundi Coop studio (Finntroll, Ensiferum, Ajattara‚Ķ) and mixed by Mika Jussila. Such a group of talented musicians just left a legacy that cannot be forgotten.

Double black vinyl limited to 400 copies worldwide.


1. Misery 24/7

2. The Past Nightmares

3. I Am Complete

4. For The Ghosts Of Our Time

5. Silent Chrysalis Stage

6. Dreaming Of Oblivion

7. The Times We Bled (Closure)

8. Cold On My Side

9. Completion

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