TRANSILIENCE sign to Alone Records

TRANSILIENCE sign to Alone Records

Alone Records is proud to announce the signing of Transilience! The cult American trio have a new release all ready to signal their return to the scene after decades of absence, of which more details will arise soon.

The origins of Transilience hark back to 1989, when a trio of teenage Watchtower fans managed to balance their way through high school with the recording of a remarkably unique album that’s long become a cult classic within the proggier, more out-there sections of thrash. ‘Mouthful Of Buildings’ nearly out-Voivoded the kinds of weird thrash themselves, predating so many other bands since hailed as revolutionary and laying down one of the true pillars for dissonant, wildly experimental and dazzlingly technical heavy music.

Unfortunately, this was a bit too much, a bit too soon for these Reston, VA (a suburb of Washington D.C.) kids, whose musical and artistic tastes were drastically changing and evolving, as they do when you’re that age. University, various artistic activities and basically life itself kept happening, and Transilience was abandoned for pastures new. Main man Spooky, the vocalist/guitarist, turned into Spookey Ruben the weirdo pop artist you are certainly familiar with, and throughout his solo career more than a few hints of his metal past are entirely apparent.

But now, Spooky is finally reactivating the first band of his career once again, in the company of bassist Jerry Barrett (an old school mate) on bass Omar Ruiz on drums, and the new material that will surface within the next few weeks will bear the Alone Records mark. "I am expecting the WORLD from Alone Records," Spookey has told us. "I know Alone Records can help us stick out in the pool of new releases." We'd say half the work is already done by the band - described as "prog thrash/post-hardcore" by the main man himself, the new material the band has written sounds, according to him, like positively no one else. We agree! "We’ve managed to create something super fresh sounding," Spooky says. "At the same time, similar to the old Transilience, we still have a fun mix of hardcore, thrash metal and jazz fusion guitar chords/odd time signatures."

Label manager Miguel Navarro says this signing was a total no-brainer. "Transilience sounds like a recording created in a rehearsal room beside Voivod's when 'Angel Rat' was conceived. A chaotic, inmediate hardcore spirit, and caught-in-the-act riffs that quickly become catchy and funny. The world is sorely missing music like this these days. A new path for hardcore? Futuristic thrash? Whatever you call it, I love it!"

The story has only just begun (again) – sit tight for more exciting developments soon.

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