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A place where Finnish death/doom meets UK gothic rock, such is the point of departure for the jawdropping debut EP by The Bleak Picture, 'Songs Of Longing'. Formed in 2021 by Jussi Hänninen (a former member of the much-missed cult act Fall Of The Leafe) and Tero Ruohonen, both members of the equally mesmerising Autumnfall, this is an absolutely must-listen new entity for fans of the aforementioned genres that are looking for something distinct and unique without at the same time losing the essence of the classics.

Even if this music is rooted in the old-school atmospheres, it’s very far from a simple rehashing of the past - in fact, it can be seen as a new beginning. Looking towards the future without forgetting the past, The Bleak Picture is a coin with two equal sides. A perfect blend of early Katatonia and mid-paced tempos with groovy keyboards in the vein of Joy Division, Bauhaus, or Fields Of The Nephilim. It’s all met with a plethora of vocal styles, as deep growls collide with heartbreaking clear passages to drench you in anguish.

'Songs Of Longing' was mastered by his majesty, Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath) at Unisound AB, and as of now, the band is working on their first full-length. We will keep you updated.

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