HEILUNG. Lifa - Heilung Live at Castlefest 2LP Gtfold

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Black double 12" vinyl in reverse board printed gatefold sleeve. Sixth press 550 copies.

Each live appearance of HEILUNG is a spectacular affair, where the lines blur between musical performance, ancient pagan rituals, past, and present. The Danish band found a fitting name for their opulent stage set and huge production: amplified history. Their viewers use other words such as "amazing, mind-blowing, goose bumps, unforgettable". As a tribute to the overwhelming demand of their fast- growing host of supporters, HEILUNG released a complete live show under the banner of 'LIFA', which was recorded at Castlefest 2017. Since this recording sold out as quickly as the band's self-released debut full-length, 'Ofnir’, Season of Mist is proud to make it available again on a worldwide scale.

Side A:
Opening Ceremony / In Maidjan / Alfadhirhaiti

Side B:
Carpathian Forest / Krigsgaldr / Hakkerskaldyr

Side C:
Fylgija Ear - Futhorck / Othan

Side D:
Hamrer Hippyer

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