CAFFEINE. Serac LP (White)

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Heavy & complex music is often challenging ‚Äď Caffeine accept this challenge: they deconstruct, they are not willing to take the easy way, detours are allowed and often let you take a glimpse on things, you would not have seen on the direct way. They take you back straight to all the fun-spots. they serve you all: the a-part-only-is-allowed-to-be-played-once-guys will be pleased as well as the shit-must-be-groovy-dudes ‚Äď Caffeine are a good flip through your favourite postmetal records. Apocalyptic, monumental, devastating‚Ķ think of Coliseum meet Doomriders meet old Mastodon meet Neurosis. Very intense and 'groovy' stuff, highly technical but not too complicated.

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