Please welcome a new name to enter that dark, deep and spacious cave that is doom metal - SUICIDE SEASON!

Based in the UK, created by two old friends with a distinct past in the Portuguese underground, Bruno Silva (Heavenwood) and Nuno Lima (Secrecy/Dementia 13), Suicide Season might only now be taking their first public steps, but they are a band that has been long in the making. Especially in the slower, more purposeful world of doom, all good things take time, and after almost twenty years of playing together in bands and enjoying music together, finally Bruno and Nuno have materialized this musical creation.

"Our songs are songs with meaning," Nuno says. "Songs that were made to sound in a particular way, heavy and powerful but gloomy and melancholic, with intense emotions and focusing on the deepest feelings of human existence, built in a way that the listener can enjoy and live the feelings and emotions that make our music. We play the genre of music that means most to us, we wanted to make it personal, it is a very particular and personal sound for us and something we really wanted to do for a long time."

With musicians this experienced, you can expect a perfectly formed and distinct sound already from the get go, but with that being said, there are still clear influences, old gods whose presence is always felt in the unique style Bruno and Nuno develop between them. "We have been fans of doom and death metal all our lives," Nuno admits unsurprisingly. "Our influences go from My Dying Bride to Paradise Lost, Saturnus, Anathema, Edge Of Sanity, Shape Of despair, and many more. Basically we made an album of music that we are passionate about, with the essence of both of us in it, because it is what makes sense."

Here at Alone Records we are very excited to provide some truly heavy, melancholic, crushing doom metal to the masses, and new music is coming! Suicide Season have great things to show all of you doom maniacs soon, so keep your eyes peeled during the next few weeks.

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