The immense power of newcomers ANZV is simply too massive to be contained. Their debut album ‘Gallas’, released last September on a small local label in their native Portugal, immediately rose like a clenched fist in that ever-fertile underground black metal scene, ready to come down and crush everything around them. Alone Records, sensing the malicious emanations coming from their neighbouring country, seized the opportunity and have signed the mysterious quintet. The first step was to put ‘Gallas’ within reach of the larger audience their sound demands, having reissued it on CD with an extra bonus track in March 2023.

No more scouring the shady corners of the internet to get your fix of ANZV – their grandiose, ferocious, sinister, Middle Eastern-tinged take on black metal is a complex and rich tapestry that nevertheless aims immediately for the throat with the sharpness of its songwriting and rabid performance, and it deserves, nay demands, to be heard by everyone. Though formed by shadowy entities known mostly by pseudonyms, ANZV is a real force to be reckoned with and is set to be the next big name coming out of Portugal in the extreme metal scene. Soon more will be revealed of their plans. Hang in there, this mystical ride is just getting started.

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